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Fresh Almond Milk Step by Step

What a difference!  Fresh Almond Milk,  I posted last week that I would try to make it.  It was so simple.
First let’s talk about why I decided to make my own almond milk let’s look at the ingredients in the almond milk ( I took a photo of the ingredients on the Silk brand, which you can see below : Almond Milk, Sea Salt, Natural Flavor, Locust Bean Gum, Sunflower Lecithin, Gellan Gum)
Fresh almond milk is  water and almonds. What could be better than that? If you want flavored put in some vanilla extract and a little bit of  your favorite sweetener and it’ll  be healthier and taste better because you make it yourself.
Total actual working time for this process is 10 minutes.
The most difficult part of the entire process was waiting for the almonds to plump. After my research I found that if you do this that your milk will taste much richer. And of course I’m all about the flavor. So here’s what to do to make 1 quart of almond milk.
What you will need:
2 cups raw almonds ( get organic if you can)
2.5 cups filtered water ( for soaking)
1 glass jar or something you can see through.
1 quart filtered water
1 blender
1 nut milk bag or lots of cheese cloth
Rinse your almonds off in a little running water and then place them in a glass jar with no led and cover with two and a half cups of water. You’ll need to let this from 24 to 48 hours at room temperature uncovered, until they look really plump. (I also took a photo of this. )
After they have plumped rinse them off in the sink one more time discard the water that they soaked in. Place the freshly washed almonds in a blender and cover with 8 cups of  filtered water. Turn your blender on and let it run for 3  minutes. It will look very milky when it’s finished.
Now you have to strain the almond meat from the milk. After making a few batches I found I found the easiest way to do this was to place the open milk bag in a  bowl  with a pour spout and fill the bag with the milk.  Pour the entire blender full in the bag at once and let it start to drain out into the bowl.
You will need clean hands so that you can grab the bag and squeeze out the last part of the milk.
Then for your milk into a pitcher and chill. If you want to add vanilla and some raw sugar or date sugar I would suggest dissolving it first.
This fresh almond milk will only stay good for 4 days so only make as much as you will drink in a short period of time. I started to rotate now the minute I make my new almond milk I just start soaking a new batch it works out great for me.
If you want a thicker almond milk use less water, and vise versa. Next I am going to try drying the  nut plup that is left over and  grinding it to a flour,  I’ll let you know how that goes
If you want more Paleo recipe ideas, or need some help cooking healthy for your family, contact me at or check out the website:

Fresh Almond Milk Step by StepFresh Almond Milk Step by StepFresh Almond Milk Step by StepFresh Almond Milk Step by Step


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