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Kids Parties

kids cooking classes San Diego


Do you dream of becoming a professional chef someday? Is your favorite TV show Cupcake Wars or Iron Chef? Do you want to learn the art of cooking from a gourmet chef?

… Then our Kids Cooking Classes are for you!

Kids Cooking Classes San Diego Include:

Junior Chef Parties

If you want the most awesome birthday party EVER this year, our cooking parties are the super-fun energetic BLAST you will love! Our Junior Chef Parties are an exciting, fun-packed experience for you to share with your friends and family. You love pizza, right? What about taco salads or meatball sandwiches? What if you and your friends could get to make it under the direction of a professional chef!

Our San Diego cooking parties are available for kids as well as teens ages 6 to 15.

Junior Chef Summer Cooking Camp

San Diego kids cooking classes junior chef summer cooking camp

Our San Diego summer cooking class is a unique, unforgettable experience for aspiring chefs! Classes are held in North San Diego in a professional commercial kitchen. You get hands-on instruction in cooking gourmet delicacies from professional chefs! You’ll learn French culinary techniques, knife skills and kitchen safety, and make your own gourmet lunches. It’s an awesome, fun-filled time that you will remember forever, and could even be the start of a professional future in the culinary arts!

Junior Chef Winter Cooking Camp

San Diego kids cooking classes junior chef winter cooking camp

Our winter cooking camp is a great chance to have fun and learn over the holidays, and offers a totally different experience from the summer camp. At our Winter Camp, Junior Chefs learn French pastry baking techniques for éclairs, macaroons, and buttery delicious tarts. This is a 3-day only camp at the end of December. Registration begins in the Fall!

Junior Chef Spring Cooking Camp

kids cooking classes San Diego Jr Chef Spring Cooking Camp

Our Spring Camp is all about making food that is delicious and beautiful. We believe you eat first with your eyes, so this is the perfect camp experience if you want to learn the art of presentation. This is our capstone camp, perfect for intermediate and advanced Jr. Chefs who want to take their culinary skills to the next level.

Important Information for Your Parents

Delight your child while teaching a skill for life!

Have a young chef living under your roof? Our San Diego kids cooking classes are a wonderful opportunity to foster your child’s talent and interests. We offer cooking parties and culinary camp classes to children throughout San Diego and Orange counties.

Registration starts in January!

Many young chefs attend all of our camps and love the experience so much that they come again next year!

Culinary classes and parties are wonderful for kids for so many reasons:

  • First of all, they are FUN! Kids love learning how to cook, and of course they love eating the results afterward.
  • Culinary classes can boost confidence. When a child learns to make a really delicious recipe, it leads to a great sense of competence and achievement.
  • Our courses and parties also teach safety and responsibility—something every parent wishes his or her child knew more about in the kitchen.
  • Who knows—your youngster could grow into the next world class celebrity chef!
  • We teach life skills. Whether your child becomes a professional chef someday or not, they will always be confident cooking at home.

Culinary classes and parties really are gifts that keep on giving throughout a child’s life. Enroll your child today to cultivate his or her love for cooking!

Give us a call at cc phone 760-419-4609 if you have any questions or want to discuss our kids cooking classes, camps or parties in detail!

Our Client Reviews

“What an awesome team of professional, knowledgeable chefs, who were led by Chef Pharrell that helped us build a team cooking event into a very friendly competition and helped our teams work together to plan, execute against the plan and prepare a variety of meals, which were shared and enjoyed by all. Thank you so much for helping make a successful event for our group!”

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Aphrodiete T, San Diego, CA

“We hired Chef Pharrell for a Mothers Day dinner for our family. Very simply, she did what she said that she would do! She was easy to work with to create the menu and very accomodating to our dietary issues. Food looked great and tasted great. It was appreciated by all and made the day all that more special.”

artful chefs

Craig R., Vista, CA
Special Event

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