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Looking for elegant and delicious catering options? Call us now!

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Kids, this is why hand washing is #1 on my Jr. Chef Safety List

Kids, did you know that hand washing is so important, chefs have a separate sink just for that. Welcome to part three of my series for kids on Jr. Chef Kitchen Safety, “Hand washing is #1” “Wash your hands first!” How many times have you heard that? ZILLIONS, right? Hand washing is important and […]

Kids here’s why board cleaning fights evil | The evil, filthy truth about cutting board care

Why board cleaning is important and why cutting boards are evil I am a Food Safety Manager and this my kitchen safety series for kids “What’s the big deal with cutting board cleaning?”  In this article I am going to talk about why cutting boards are the most evil, filthy, dangerous pieces of equipment in […]

Kids, here’s how to defrost food the right way | It’s all about the danger zone when you defrost food

There are four ways to defrost food and only three are safe. “What’s the big deal about defrosting food? My mom leaves a package of  frozen chicken out on the counter all the time.” Let’s talk about how to defrost food.  This is an important subject all kids need to know. One of […]

Our Client Reviews

“What an awesome team of professional, knowledgeable chefs, who were led by Chef Pharrell that helped us build a team cooking event into a very friendly competition and helped our teams work together to plan, execute against the plan and prepare a variety of meals, which were shared and enjoyed by all. Thank you so much for helping make a successful event for our group!”

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Aphrodiete T, San Diego, CA

“We hired Chef Pharrell for a Mothers Day dinner for our family. Very simply, she did what she said that she would do! She was easy to work with to create the menu and very accomodating to our dietary issues. Food looked great and tasted great. It was appreciated by all and made the day all that more special.”

artful chefs

Craig R., Vista, CA
Special Event

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