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Looking for elegant and delicious catering options? Call us now!

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Best oil to use for your recipe

Deciding on the best oil to use when you are searching your pantry for ingredients to make your recipe, can be a bit confusing. Here is some information which you help a lot.
Most oils have some kind of flavor profile. The flavor profile can enhance your dish with another layer of flavor and richness. Next you need to consider the method and temperature of heat used in your recipe.

Chef prepares organic clean food for busy clients

Have you made the commitment to eating clean, free from all additives and preservatives? You Zumba, you run, you bike, you juice, that is great for energy and burning calories. But how can you sustain energy and think clearly throughout the day without proper fuel for your body? You need fresh food, not prepackaged food with empty calories. You need food at it’s highest nutritional potential in order to perform at your best.

Personal chef to go with your Asian dinner party

Personal chef to go with your Asian dinner party Hire a person chef to go with your dinner party. No stress, no mess. You can relax and enjoy a delicious meal with your guests.  Finding a personal chef to go to your home  for your dinner party is simple. San Diego personal […]

Tasting with your eyes

Tasting with your eyes first, is a principle all of our chefs believe to be true. We all have four senses and each one plays a part in our enjoyment of food. When we are presented with something to eat, most of us, see it first. If it looks like something we have experienced before, we associate it with a memory and a flavor. We expect to taste a certain flavor, whether good or bad.

No Tomato Marinara Sauce

No tomato marinara was the Personal Chef challenge for today. How was I going  make Chicken Parmesan taste amazing with no marinara sauce? No tomato paste, no crushed tomatoes and  no diced tomatoes, allowed. I needed full deep flavors with a thick texture to make a satisfying sauce for my client. The picture shows the amazing texture and  the color […]

Lyme Disease Diets : Cooking for Clients with Illness

Lyme Disease Diets can help healing process Lyme Disease Diets can assist in healing  from a disease which can become debilitating and fatal for those afflicted. Sometimes this Lyme disease can be difficult to diagnose. Untreated it can cause severe  complications As a personal chef, I am always pleased when my clients appreciate […]

Our Client Reviews

“What an awesome team of professional, knowledgeable chefs, who were led by Chef Pharrell that helped us build a team cooking event into a very friendly competition and helped our teams work together to plan, execute against the plan and prepare a variety of meals, which were shared and enjoyed by all. Thank you so much for helping make a successful event for our group!”

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Aphrodiete T, San Diego, CA

“We hired Chef Pharrell for a Mothers Day dinner for our family. Very simply, she did what she said that she would do! She was easy to work with to create the menu and very accomodating to our dietary issues. Food looked great and tasted great. It was appreciated by all and made the day all that more special.”

artful chefs

Craig R., Vista, CA
Special Event

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