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Looking for elegant and delicious catering options? Call us now!

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Easy potato salad with turkey bacon and a jalapeno kick

 Easy potato salad with turkey bacon and jalapeno kick Try this easy potato salad without mayo, it’s a spicy warm potato salad I created this week for a client. It was delicious and I will definitely be making it again. All ingredients are organic and available at most grocery stores.  This dairy […]

Best oil to use for your recipe

Deciding on the best oil to use when you are searching your pantry for ingredients to make your recipe, can be a bit confusing. Here is some information which you help a lot.
Most oils have some kind of flavor profile. The flavor profile can enhance your dish with another layer of flavor and richness. Next you need to consider the method and temperature of heat used in your recipe.

White chili recipe by Chef Pharrell with Artful Chefs

This recipe for white chili is based upon the classic Cassoulet French bean soup. I added andouille sausage, like the classic but I turned up the heat with jalapenos and crushed red pepper. I didn’t add any chili powder so the broth is clear like the Cassoulet. I hope you enjoy trying it. My client always requires organic ingredients for health reasons, but feel free to make substitutions on this white chili recipe

Shrimp bisque by Chef Pharrell Worthylake of Artful Chefs

Shrimp bisque if served with a great bottle of wine and buttery baguettes; you won’t need much else except maybe a simple salad to start. I hope you enjoy making this recipe. I will take some time and effort with dirty pots and pans and lots of prep work. The result is a delicious, creamy, rich flavored shrimp base that is sweet and savory. The color is beautiful and very dramatic when plated properly. Prepare this for any special occasion and you will not be disappointed.

Quinoa Salad – Kid Friendly

Quinoa Salad kids love to eat and make Mom and dad will love it too!  We make this quinoa salad during the vegetarian day at our summer camps.  The Jr. Chefs love to cut up all the veggies.  The smell and beautiful colors of mint fresh vegetables make this Quinoa Salad hard […]

Butternut Squash Soup with Pastry Crust

 Make some Butternut Squash Soup tonight.  Take it to the next level and add a crisp brown pastry crust.  Suddenly you have a masterpiece!   The steps for creating a delicious Butternut Squash Soup are so simple.  Your can make this elegant entree tonight with very little effort. The puff pastry crust […]

Sexy Asparagus with Bacon and Almonds

Asparagus, sexy?   Not Possible you say,  try these! My sexy asparagus stems  are LOADED with layers of flavor, they might be the most popular item on your holiday table. This asparagus side dish will help you feel less deprived, if you are sad because you won’t be having potatoes or stuffing or […]

Our Client Reviews

“What an awesome team of professional, knowledgeable chefs, who were led by Chef Pharrell that helped us build a team cooking event into a very friendly competition and helped our teams work together to plan, execute against the plan and prepare a variety of meals, which were shared and enjoyed by all. Thank you so much for helping make a successful event for our group!”

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Aphrodiete T, San Diego, CA

“We hired Chef Pharrell for a Mothers Day dinner for our family. Very simply, she did what she said that she would do! She was easy to work with to create the menu and very accomodating to our dietary issues. Food looked great and tasted great. It was appreciated by all and made the day all that more special.”

artful chefs

Craig R., Vista, CA
Special Event

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